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Short Biographies of the Management Team.

Marina Polycarpou (Board member, Managing Director, Director of Materia Unit) is a Psychologist - Gerontologist with undergraduate and graduate studies in America and England. She is a member of Britain Gerontology Association and the American Psychological Association. She has published papers in scientific journals and participated in international conferences for gerontology. She has worked in community and private care programs in Cyprus and abroad in the last 15 years. She is also a board member of the Gerontology Research Center and of the Youth Empowerment Foundation.

Evi Palladiou (Board President, Customer Service Consultant) has studied law at the University of Athens and has recently retired from the Social Welfare Services where she worked for 30 years as a Social Worker. Her role in our company is advisory for staff issues and other topics related with her long experience in the Welfare Office.

Philios Savvides (Board Member, Coordinator of Strategic Planning and Financial Issues ) holds a degree in civil engineering and is a UK qualified chartered accountant. He worked as an accountant in England and Greece. He returned to Cyprus in 1993 and worked until recently in Bank of Cyprus. He is responsible for strategic issues, health and safety, audit and evaluation procedures of the Group. He is also a board member of the Gerontology Research Center and of the Youth Empowerment Foundation.

Thekla Varnava (Board Member, Director of Thalpori Unit ) holds a BSc, Psychology from Empire State College in New York and Pg.Cert./Pg.Dip./M.Sc. at Person Cantered Psychotherapy from the British State University of Strathclyde.Trained in Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapy from New York College in Athens. She has worked in drug treatment programs as a trainee psychologist. She also worked for 3 years in Aktios Unit in Athens. Board Member of the Gerontology Research Center and research associate of Aktios Group in Athens. She is responsible for Psycholosocial sector at both Units of MATERIA Group from June 2012.

Stella Nicholaou (Quality Control Manager) holds a B.Tech in Nursing. She joined MATERIA in 2005 as a nurse with 25 years of practical work experience. She has worked at the Private Hospital Evangelistria, at Polyclinic in Nicosia and in many community programs for seniors. She is responsible for the control of the quality of care, for communication with our clients doctors and relatives of the clients and for the basic organization of care, hospitalization and rehabilitation in our units.


Nicos Georgiou (Accounting Officer). Graduate of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Department of Finance and holder of LCCI Higher in Accounting. He worked at the purchasing department of the Institute of Neurology and Genetics. He works in Materia Group from September 2015.

Elena Savva (Administrative Officer). Graduate of University in Department of Education Sciences at the European University Cyprus with an MA in Learning Technologies and Communication. She worked as Administrative Officer at the University of Cyprus Kindergarten. She works at Materia Group since December 2016

Dr. Costis Prouskas, is a psychologist with a master’s degree (MSc) in Psychological Assessment in Organizations (London Goldsmiths) and a doctorate (PhD) in Gerontology (King’s College London). He is the Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of Aktios S.A.. He has worked as a Psychologist in the Elderly Care Unit Relax Palace in Marousi, and has served, for four years, as the Scientific Director in 2 Social Rehabilitation Units of the Non profit Organisation “Klimaka” in Corfu (Psychogeriatric Unit and Severe Mental Retardation Unit). His research interests include ageing and dementia, family caring, the organisation and management of health and welfare units, assessment techniques and quantitative research methods. He served for 6 years as the Secretary General of the Greek Care Homes Association (P.E.M.F.I). He is a founding member of the Non Profit Organisation “50plus Hellas”. He is also the Vice President of the Athens Association of Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders.