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The Philosophy of MATERIA group is respect for the individual and continuous improvment of the quality of life, avoidance of institutionalization, repsecting the needs of each individual, and the right of every individual to live creatively and with dignity by making their own choices. These principles govern the selection and training of our staff which lead to a professional, positive, helpful and responsive attitude to the problems and needs of the elderly as well as a warm and caring environment.  
  • Security
  • Autonomy
  • Self-Esteem
  • Activation
  • Sociability
  • Rejuvenation


Our place is specially designed to comply with all requirements for the safety of the occupants. In the building there is a security system for the evening. We are maintaining a high ratio of staff for the customers and thus providing quality service from the staff during day and night.


On a practical level, the customer is encouraged to remain independent for as many activities as he/she can perform. In psychological terms, the customer has the right to make decisions about his care and life in general (ie timetables, in which activities to participate, what food he prefers, what he wears, how to pass his/her free time etc). Moreover, to ensure the best service to our customers, we apply a systematic survey of preferences and feedback of existing services and differentiate our services accordingly. 

Self confidence

By entering MATERIA, the management team creates a detailed history of the customer. The staff gets informed and treat the customer with acceptance and recognition of his past, his profession, his likes, dislikes and his personal needs. The aim is for the the customer to feel like MATERIA is his/her new house and to be in harmony and peace with himself and his/her new environment. 

Getting Involved

Every elder is in need of physical and mental activities. In order to satisfy all our customers, we scheduled a wide range of activities to be held every week at MATERIA and THALPORI unit. Each customer can choose depending on his likes and needs at which activities to participate, either in group or individual basis. 


One of the major problems of old age is loneliness. The socialization of our prominent importance, and thus we encourage participation in group activities in order to avoid feelings of depression and isolation, feelings experienced by a significant proportion of elderly people living at home with foreign domestic workers. At MATERIA the client can develop a daily contact, social and friendly relations with other people who share common experiences and interests with them.  


The overarching goal of our effort is personal rejuvenation of the elderly and the active improvement of their lives. The daily opportunities for socialization, activities (training the brain and body) and recreation in a safe, warm and comfortable environment. Grooming and cleanliness, rejuvenating treatments and good food, offers the perfect combination and key for a happy and decent life.